Rosafox® Fur Shawls - Classical Beauty

Glamorous Rosafox® -fur shawls have been designed for the ladies who love to wear quality products.  These versatile fur shawls are
made of wool, silk and their combination and decorated with farmed Finnish Blue Fox. Designer Pirjo Kortelainen´s innovation of
combining the fabric with the Finnish Blue Fox has been the heart of this fabulous luxury product. The color scheme of the fur matches
always with the colors of the fabrics making a harmonious result. 




Rosafox® - Quality is a matter of the heart

Rosafox® fur accessories combine Finnish design and handicraft with modern production methods, resulting in a high quality but
individual design. All the numerous stages involved in the making of Rosafox® fur accessories are carried out individually by hand
in the company’s factory in Finland. The quality stands out with the effort put in finishing touches.

The material of Rosafox® fur accessories have been chosen carefully. Wool and silk are used for the textile and
only farmed Finnish blue fox for the fur decorations, which is world famous of it wonderful silky fur quality. The furs are dyed
in Finland by strict dyeing directions to match the textile colours.

Thanks to all this, Rosafox® fur accessories reach extremely high quality level.
Furthermore the patented method of production enables Rosafox® fur accessories to be washable in water.






Rosafox® Accessories


Rosafox© fur accessories are the must in the chilly winter weather. They warm the neck but breathe and feel soft next to the skin.
You can also cheer up your indoor clothes with Rosafox© fur accessories! There are many fashionable collars, stolers and mufflers in our selection.



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