The Seller:
Rosafox Oy Ltd


The Buyer: Purchaser:


Delivery term


 Incoterms 2010

FCA Klaukkala : the seller hands over  the goods, cleared for export, into the custody of the first carrier (named by the buyer) at the named place.  


Order Confirmation  and Delivery Date


The seller will confirm all deliveries by fax or by E-mail before the shipping, with payment order enclosed. The delivery date indicated is the date on which goods leave the factory.



Term of payment


The whole payment is expected to be paid 100 % in advance for deliveries of less than 300 pieces just before the delivery. For orders of 300 pieces or more the purchaser pays deposit of 30 % of the value of the order immediately after the order has been confirmed, if not agreed otherwise and the rest just before the delivery. Each lot of the delivery should be paid 100 % in advance.



50 pcs / order the discount is 5 %; 100 pcs / order the discount is 10 %. The discounts are given only for orders/ lots of these quantities.


Minimum order


The minimum whole sale order is 1000 € or 10 pieces for shawls (in quantity models and colors can be be mixed) or minimum quantity for collars is 10 pcs per models
(in this quantity can be included different colors). Orders smaller than this will be sold with retail price.


Payment methods


The method of payment is payment order, unless indicated otherwise. Only payment orders with IBAN and SWIFT/BIC codes are acceptable according to new regulations of the European Payment Council.

Both  parties are responsible of the bank expenses in the own country.


Cancellation of the order


The cancellation of the order of less than 100 pcs must be done in written 2 weeks before the delivery date at latest. Orders over 100 pcs must be cancelled within 4 weeks before the delivery at least. In this case the prepayment will not be returned.




Reservation of proprietary rights


The seller owns all the goods delivered by him until all the payments have been completely remitted. The buyer is responsible to the seller for the goods even if he pledges or pawns the goods to third parties.



Document requirements


The purchaser will take care of customs duties and taxes and all expenses regarding the requirements of the documents and other importation formalities in own country.


Warranty Period and Return of goods

Reclamations concerning the lack of quality should be done in reasonable time (14 days) from the beginning of warranty time, which starts at the moment that the purchaser receives the goods and has accepted the quality, quantity and the assortment.

No return of goods will be accepted unless authorized by law or otherwise agreed. Warranty obligations of the SELLER don't extend on the defects which have arisen owing to the improper handling with the GOODS.


Any controversy or claim shall be exclusively governed and construed by Finnish law and international trade alw, GISG. Any dispute occurs between the seller and the purchaser will be solved under friendly negotiation by the Parties. The parties agree to try and settle amicably any dispute through the process of mediation. The cost of the mediation shall be borne equally by both parties. Should said mediation fail, the parties agree that any dispute that cannot be settled through mediation will be settled in District Court in Helsinki, Finland The juridical place is Helsinki..




All the prices are without VAT and duties if not indicated otherwise. The seller reserves the right to increase or decrease prices for its products.


Rosafox® trademark


Rosafox is registered trademark owned by Rosafox Oy Ltd and can be used only with the original products made by Rosafox Oy Ltd or its contract manufacturer. All Rosafox products must be sold under the Rosafox label and all IPR rights are reserved.



Rosafox® Products   


Products and the patterns are protected by copyright and unfair competition laws. The Rosafox products cannot  be sold with products similar to them or other products which infringe


Rosafox Oy Ltd´s copyrights and other intellectual property rights and can harm the reputation and image of the Rosafox company brand.


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