Rosafox® fur accessories are made of 100 % pure natural materials; Wool and silk are used for the textile and as a fur decoration only farmed Finnish blue fox. Natural materials breathe, repel dirt and moisture, shelter from the wind and war in chilly weather. Thanks to the patented special production system Rosafox® fur accessories are washable in water.

Care: Hand wash Rosafox® fur accessories separately in a large bowl with a washing powder for wool in hand-hot water. Shake the shawls after washing, straighten it well and dry it in an airy place. Steam iron the fabric at the appropiate temperature. Don not iron the fur. Comb the fur with a metal comb and then shake it.

Use: If the shawl gets wet while being worn, shake it and dry it in an airy place. Note that the dyes from strong colours can run when wet. Don not spray any perfume or other fragrance onto the shawl.

Storage: Fresh air is good for natural materials, so air the shawl from time to time. Store the shawl in a dry place away from sunlight, preferably in a hatbox. Before wearing the fur shawl, shake it well and hang it up loosely overnight.

A well treaded Rosafox® fur shawl will stay beautyful for years!