Rosafox - Products and Quality


The quality and the differentiation are the core issues of the Rosafox collection. Precious quality materials and the timeless  products are  the basis for the design process.  The used materials are breathing wool and silk and the trimming is of the Finnish blue fox fur. 

Pirjo Kortelainen, Managing Director of the company, has created, due her long experience in fur sector, a collection and production methods, which make together  a  competitive entity in global accessory  business. The behavior of the consumers has change in these uncertain times and they are looking for the quality products, which are lasting in time.

The ethics and environmental awareness have increased. The welfare of the animals is a very important issues for Finnish fur farmers. The quality of the fur is based on the welfare of the animals. For Rosafox it is important to use the environmental friendly organic materials.

For consumers the touch of the natural materials is the feeling of the luxury!