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All products sold by Rosafox Oy Ltd (Rosafox) are subject to the following Terms and Conditions, interpreted under the laws of Finland.

You've to be registered user before ordering products at

All prices are in Euros, and are subject to change, and to a minimum order requirement. Prices do not include shipping, any applicable taxes or customs charges, which must be paid by the Customer. Please confirm prices and delivery when ordering; price quotations are normally valid for 15 days, unless reconfirmed by Rosafox.

Quotations and delivery estimates should be requested, and confirmed by email, for any non-standard items or quantities required. Please contact shop at for details.

All orders are subject to acceptance by Rosafox.

Customers may have shipping billed to a designated carrier, if the Customer’s account number, and type of service desired is provided with the order.

FCA point of all shipments from or to Rosafox is Klaukkala, Finland. Shipment is normally made by priority mail or DHL express, unless Customers specify otherwise and receive email confirmation from Rosafox.

Net due at time of order, unless other arrangements are made with Rosafox Customer Assistance and confirmed by email.

The method of payment is payment order, unless indicated otherwise. Only giro transfers with IBAN and SWIFT/BIC codes are acceptable according to new regulations of the European Payment Council.                        

Unfortunately we do not accept cheques or credit cards.


Prices in are domestic (EUR) list prices; for foreign shipments, please make required conversion to EUR. Payment is to be made by Wire Transfer unless other arrangements are made with Rosafox Customer Assistance and confirmed by email. Foreign shipments may only be made in compliance with any applicable Finland export control laws. The consignee will take care of documents and fees such as customs duties and taxes in destination country.


All products are sold by Rosafox “as is”. The liability of Rosafox shall be limited to the sales price; no other warranty is expressed or implied.

Products are sold “as is”.  If the product is felt to be defective, you should notice Rosafox within 8 days in domestic receipt and 30 days of foreign receipt. Please consult the Rosafox Customer Assistance department. Please do not return material to Rosafox before obtaining proper authorization, and email confirmation.  Any return shipments to Rosafox should be prepaid, FCA Klaukkala, Finland, and contain a copy of the original purchase order.  If material proves to be defective, Rosafox will replace it or refund the purchase price, at its option.


You have the right to cancel a purchase of goods made through at any time after you have placed the order until the date eight Working Days after the day you receive the goods.    

If you decide to cancel a purchase you must notify Rosafox by email to shop at and if you have received the goods, you must return them to Rosafox by recorded mail enclosing the invoice.

Upon cancellation of an order Rosafox will refund the whole sum paid by you (including costs of postage charged by Rosafox) within 30 days of you notifying Rosafox of cancellation.

You are responsible for the cost of returning the goods to Rosafox upon cancellation of an order. If you do not return the goods cancelled to Rosafox it will arrange to collect them and will deduct the cost of such collection from the refund due to you.


When you place an order, we will estimate shipping and delivery dates for you based on the availability of your items and the shipping options you choose. Shipping date estimates will be give to you after we've received your order and then send you the order confirmation.


Shipping costs for orders from depend upon the method and option you choose. can ship to virtually any address in the world. Your packages may be subject to the customs fees and import duties of the country to which you have your order shipped. These charges are always the recipient's responsibility. For further details, read about Restrictions (which apply to all international shipments) and Import Fees Deposits (which apply to Priority International Shipping only.)

Please note: For your protection, will send any order valued at € 50 or more via a trackable method.


These Terms and Conditions shall form the entire agreement between You and Rosafox regarding your purchase of the goods and you agree that you are not relying on any previous description or information provided by Rosafox in entering into this agreement.    

If you need to give Rosafox any notice, you should send it to the physical or email address shown under the link contact. If Rosafox needs to give you any notice, it shall send it to the email address or physical address that you have provided. All notices may be served by personal delivery or first class post. Any notice given by post shall be deemed to be received by the party to whom it was given 3 Working Days after posting. Notices given by email shall be deemed to have been given 1 hour after transmission thereof except if given on a weekend or after 5pm in which case the notice shall be deemed to have been given 1 hour after the start of the next Working Day.    

Your agreement with Rosafox for the purchase of the goods shall be governed and construed in accordance with Finnish Law. You agree to submit any dispute hereunder to the jurisdiction of the courts of Finland but Rosafox may take proceedings against you in a court in another country if appropriate.

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